Book Nook Review: I Can See Clearly Now by Wayne Dyer

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“My life is my message.” – Gandhi

Ever feel like you don’t belong on the path your life seems to be on? Like there is a different path you’d rather hop on to? I Can See Clearly Now is Dr. Wayne Dyer’s personal reflection on the pivotal moments in his life that shaped him into the influential spiritual teacher he has been for many years. These moments were not all glamorous, but Dr. Dyer reflects on his past with nothing but gratitude for the lessons he takes away from even the most difficult situations.


Dr. Dyer takes us on a journey beginning with his early years in foster care and turbulent family life due to the neglect and alcoholism of his biologic and step fathers, respectively. We get a glimpse into the elementary and high school aged Wayne, who stood up for justice for himself and others. He describes his first introduction to the teachings of Henry David Thoreau on doing what’s right, even when everyone else is falling in line.

We accompany him through his memories of his military years, where he continued to practice civil disobedience. We then get a glimpse into the college years of Wayne Dyer, followed by his early career as a counselor in private practice and as a university professor.

As interesting as the first part of the book and this man’s life were, it is in his early thirties where the Wayne Dyer known to the public begins to emerge. He writes about the pivotal moment when he was able to visit the gravestone of his father, a man he had never met but always resented, and forgive him. It was this single, monumental event that cleared the path for Wayne Dyer, the best-selling author, to be born.

He tells the story of writing his  first book Your Erroneous Zones in a Fort Lauderdale hotel room for two weeks straight before he is to return to his job at the university for the fall semester. It is inspiring to read about how he self-promoted this first book to go onto the wide-reaching success he has become today. As he says, there is nothing on his “things I’m not willing to do to get my message out there” list.


Sometimes in the past when reading a Wayne Dyer book, I would mistakenly assume that he was saying the same things over and over again. While the major concepts in many of his books are aligned towards the same purpose, reading about the different influences in his life at the time he wrote each book makes them seem much more distinct from each other than I had previously assumed. I too can now see more clearly the evolution of his published works from a psychology-based to a spirituality-based perspective.

For as much of a Wayne Dyer fanatic I am, I was surprised to learn about the many books I didn’t even realize he had written. It is such a privilege to get a behind the scenes peek into what inspired him to write each book and what his life circumstances were at the time of each publication.

I attended the Writing from Your Soul and I Can Do it Ignite (San Jose, CA) events featuring Wayne Dyer in 2013. During both conferences, Dr. Dyer told many stories from his personal life and writing journey. This book is like the full transcript of the inspiring stories and quotes he shared at those conferences, and so much more. I tried to take so many notes while he was speaking live so I could remember everything he said. I am happy to now have this book as a reference of all of the inspiring influences in his life and the many inspiring quotes he rattled off on stage.

While I was reading, I realized that this book is a glimpse into the life history of a man who could have been any man. He was not given a golden path to his success in life. He lived the same life circumstantially as many of his contemporaries. This is a person who defines what it is to transform an ordinary life. Each day, increasingly through his life, he continued to make the choices to stay on the path that he envisioned for his life despite the opinions of others.

I can’t think of an audience that couldn’t relate to this book. Whether you are a Wayne Dyer fanatic like me, have read a few of his books, never read any of his books, or just want to be inspired, this book is for you! Happy reading.

I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.

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