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It is no secret that Lea Michele has made a permanent name for herself over the past few years. Sure, you could attribute her success to luck and being in the right place at the right time. Or, you could choose to believe that she has achieved her success in life based on her dedication to remaining true to herself and her dreams despite the disappointments, non-believers, and self-doubt that are inevitable along any path to success.

Being a self-proclaimed Gleek, I was ecstatic when I saw that Lea Michele had a book out. It was an extra indulgent treat to listen to her read her own words in her upbeat voice on Audible.

Brunette Ambition starts out with a brief look at a young, pre-Glee Lea Michele and a glimpse into her home life. The beginning few chapters of the book are full of inspirational messages about being ourselves and embracing our uniqueness rather than trying to washout and be like everyone else.

Staying True to Yourself & Staying Healthy

We learn that before Rachel Berry, Lea Michele had her own outcast difficulties to navigate as a child not like all the other girls. Thankfully she followed her dreams, even though they took her away from fitting in. She was fortunate to have supportive parents who, despite their own conventional professions, encouraged her to follow her passion for acting starting at a very young age.

Towards the middle of the book, the focus shifts to health and beauty tips. She offers insights into her personal approach to living a healthy lifestyle, and sets a great example for all the young girls and women who look up to her. She responsibly rejects deprivation, and wisely advocates for balanced, whole food eating, and finding enjoyable activities to stay in shape rather than slaving away at a gym (unless you like the gym).

She then moves into a lengthy discussion of beauty and fashion tips, and incorporates input from her personal stylists. There are still some personal stories sprinkled throughout these sections, including her recount of the time she met her idol, Barbara Streisand.

The book concludes with a few glimpses into Glee from Lea Michele’s perspective. She talks about life on the set and friendships with other cast members. For a brief moment, she brings us into the world behind the magic that is Glee.

Who This Book is For

This book would be great for young girls or young women who are seeking rational health tips, fans of Lea Michele, and/or aspiring performers. The beginning few chapters and last chapter containing a few of her personal thoughts on Glee were my favorites. I felt that the meat of the book addressing beauty and health tips wasn’t what I was personally after, although I suppose that was her primary focus in writing the book. Still, I picked up a few beauty tips and yummy healthy recipes, so I am a happy Lea Michele fanatic camper.

Lea Michele is an amazing role model for girls & women. She is leading by example, embracing a healthy lifestyle and pursuing and living her dreams. The content towards the beginning of the book discussing the benefits of being yourself and following your dreams could have been a greater focus of the book.

I believe she is much deeper than what the bulk of the book is focused on. While the beauty and fashion tips might be what it seems that young girls & women want, I think she has so much more to share with us that would be far more inspiring than her trainer’s tips for exercising or make-up artist’s recommendations.

It is completely understandable that she didn’t include more details about her relationship with Cory, not only because that was not the book’s original intended purpose or focus (it was largely written before his sudden passing), but also because that is her personal story that she may never choose to share beyond her inner circle. It is amazing she was able to put out a book so soon after going through such a devastating loss. Her return to public life with a renewed sense of purpose and responsibility to be a positive influence has been truly inspiring. I hope she writes another book in the coming years and can’t wait to see what she creates next!

If you read Brunette Ambition, let us know what you think below!

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