Amazing Yoga Class by Goyogaco & Tara Siles: An Everyday Miracle

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On November 13, 2014, Goyogaco hosted the finale class of their Free Flow Lets Go yoga series at the W Hotel in Scottsdale. The instructor? None other than Tara Stiles!

I was ecstatic from the moment I found out Tara Stiles was teaching a class in Scottsdale that very night… for free! I have heard Tara speak on various Hay House webinars, watched her inspiring YouTube videos, and practiced her unique Strala yoga routines in the comfort of my own home.

Never did I think I would get to partake in a yoga class led by the awesome Ms. Stiles myself – until I someday traveled to NYC to visit her studio. Even then, it has got to be difficult to get into one of her classes, right?

This my friends, I am calling an everyday miracle. Just that morning, I was in Starbucks writing my last post about noticing everyday miracles. As I was writing the post, I must admit I was having a tough time remembering my specific examples of everyday miracles that I had been experiencing over the past few weeks.

Then bam! Not two hours later, while out at lunch, I logged into Twitter on a whim and there she was with the tweet:

Too good to be true? I was shocked, but honestly I shouldn’t have been. Good, amazing, wonderful experiences such as this one are ours for the taking every single day. We don’t have to wait until some far off someday for something unexpectedly amazing to happen.

It isn’t about expecting the unbelievable and then being disappointed when it doesn’t happen; it’s about knowing that amazing things are always only a moment away, remaining unattached to the outcome, and staying connected to the good moments, however small, in everyday life.

The Yoga Class


For those who weren’t able to attend, I wanted to described the experience of being in a yoga class with Tara Stiles.

This was probably the coolest yoga class I have ever participated in. Yoga mats surrounded the pool, and there was a DJ set up playing fun music. There was a bar setup serving wine, and everyone seemed to know each other. It would have been really fun with friends, but since I am new to town, maybe next time I will get to attend something awesome like this with yoga friends!

Despite not really being able to see Tara the majority of the class (due to being in the back row) it was surprisingly easy to keep up. The class was super laid back. I can’t remember a time I have been to a yoga class with regular pop music playing rather than the more traditional pan flute style yoga music. And the cool, fall southern Arizona air couldn’t be beat!

We flowed through down dog, up dog, tree pose, pigeon, warrior poses, triangle…your usual flow yoga suspects. The best thing about Tara’s approach to teaching yoga is her very laid back, no rules approach. You will probably hear “however it feels good” and its variations more than a few times throughout her classes. I appreciate that, because I can remember yoga classes where the instructor called out a student for going ahead of everyone else, or in some other way not following the rules (the Bikram yoga style is big into following the rules).

While I totally respect and appreciate the need for rules and discipline at certain times and places, it’s nice to be reminded that we can do yoga for fun and enjoyment too. This is one yoga party I am so glad I didn’t miss!

Meeting Tara was by far one of the best things I will recall happening in 2014. I was so honored to get to spend a few moments with her. She was so genuine and kind, as expected. I am also super excited to start trying out the recipes in her new book: Make Your Own Rules Diet, not to mention to read her story.

I am excited to share my thoughts on the book and recipes soon! In the meantime, you might get to catch Tara at one of her upcoming events. What’s your favorite yoga memory? Let us know below! Namaste!

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