A Mantra To Let Go of Recurring Thoughts

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You know the ones. Those thoughts that you know aren’t helping anyone but that you can’t seem to shake anyway.

They are super annoying, these thoughts of things we do not want. They are pesky little mosquitoes that just won’t leave us alone.

They are the suckers of our positive energy, the bringers of negative energy. Even if it doesn’t feel all that negative, it definitely doesn’t feel good.

It doesn’t feel good to not feel good. So why the thoughts? Of the things we don’t want.

Familiar Stories

I think because we are just used to them. They are familiar, like an old shirt that doesn’t fit right, has a hole, and doesn’t particularly feel joyful. Or a pair of shoes that actually make your feet hurt, but you keep them anyway because you think you are supposed to have a pair of shoes like that or they were too expensive to get rid of.

Familiar because they are our stories, the stories of who we think we are limited to be. The stories we have gotten used to and figure we are stuck with.

Be we aren’t. Stuck with the stories or the thoughts that write them. Or the energy the thoughts create.

You Choose

Because with every new, deep breath, we get to choose if we will still be telling ourselves that same story like a pesky mosquito bops around, or if we will step into the story of the person we dream to become.

We get to choose with our imaginations how the rest of our lives will go, how the rest of our day will go. Will it be a cool, crisp, refreshing sunshine-y fall day, or a miserable muggy mosquito-y day? A life even better than those of the people you admire, or one that stays firmly planted in the lies of dis-ease and the mediocrity of believing better isn’t an option?

Thoughts Are Optional

Everyone is susceptible to the thoughts that do not serve. They will always be there as an option, just like the better thoughts that make things better are also available options.

To get to the better thoughts, we first have to do something about the not so good thoughts. They have to go somewhere else, preferably far, far away.

During meditation, we observe our thoughts as if they are leaves passing by on a stream. We don’t hate them or ask ourselves why we keep thinking them (well, at least we try not to). We simply observe and let them pass by.

Throughout the non-meditation portion of the day, our thoughts can take over and before you know it you are not feeling so good about something, anything that popped into your head and took over your whole energy of the moment.

I release you.

For those thoughts that need to keep going on down the stream, “I release you” is a good phrase to think to help them get going on their way.

I release you. I don’t allow you to take away my power in this moment. I don’t allow you to take control of my energy in a negative way. I release you. And I move on to better than you. Because I can.

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  1. Meg Evans Oct 17, 7:11 pm

    I look at them much the same way, as debris floating downstream after a storm.

    1. anniehurley Oct 19, 10:30 am

      Glad to hear it Meg! I learned that trick from my first yoga teacher when I first learned to meditate, and it stuck with me as a wise way of thinking.


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