A Guided Meditation for Beginners

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I like to meditate in silence, with my meditation timer app keeping track of the time. But if you have never meditated before, starting out in silence can feel overwhelming.

Last night I happened to be looking for a new meditation on YouTube, and I came across Louise Hay’s Your Healing Light Meditation.

If you are not familiar with Louise Hay, she is one of the most amazing women on the planet. And she recently turned 90 years young! A high school dropout, she discovered the mind-body connection later in her life, and went on to found the self-help publishing house Hay House in her sixties.

I have listened to many of her books on audio from the library, and always love hearing her voice. The self-confidence, self-assurance, and most importantly, self-love, ooze from her voice.

The Healing Light Meditation is simply beautiful. This meditation would be great for someone who has never meditated before but is curious about what meditation is all about.

I have never done a Louise Hay meditation before, mostly because I usually prefer to meditate in silence rather than listen to a guided meditation. Occasionally I get in the mood to listen to a guided meditation before going to sleep at night.

Louise Hay’s Your Healing Light Meditation

This meditation starts out with a nice visualization of a healing light starting in your heart, and traveling throughout your body. Louise then guides you to share the healing and love within you with people all over the planet. I would say this meditation is part metta meditation, which is a style of meditation that focuses on spreading peace and love to all people.

This mediation almost seemed like a bit of a mashup of several Louise Hay meditations, because after the healing light portion was over, she went into a segment on prosperity, which was also really nice.

Finally, the meditation wrapped up with something Louise Hay seems to focus a lot on, which is the idea of your inner child. I have heard this meditation in one of her books before. It is all about nurturing your inner child, and giving yourself permission to be loved by everyone in your family – regardless of what drama might have happened either when you were a kid or that might be ongoing.

Because of the mashup nature of this 20 minute meditation, I think it is a nice sampler for anyone who hasn’t meditated before. As I was listening to it, I was thinking of so many people I know who I think would like it. I wanted to tell just about everyone I know about it, even those who might be hard to open up to the idea of meditation.

I don’t feel that this meditation goes against any religious beliefs or is too “out there” for someone new to meditation. I have been wanting to find a meditation I could recommend to newbies for a while, so I am so glad that I found this one.

If you try this or any other meditation and fall asleep, that’s okay! I actually fell asleep towards the end of this one.

I hope you find this meditation to be as lovely as I did. I am now looking forward to trying more of Louise Hay’s guided meditations on YouTube. If you know of any other good guided meditations, let me know!

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