A Day To Celebrate Love Begins Within

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“I learned that life must be lived fearlessly. When you don’t love yourself, you live in fear.” – Anita Moorjani at I Can Do It! 2013, San Jose

What if Valentine’s Day weren’t just a day to celebrate romantic love, but a day to celebrate loving ourselves? Our world could use a whole lot more emphasis on self-love.

More Emphasis on Self-Love

Our culture doesn’t exactly focus on the importance loving ourselves. We learn to conform to the acceptance of others, and many of us become experts in people pleasing. It makes others happy on the surface, after all, so what’s so bad about staying in line?

I would have to argue: everything! How can we learn anything new or get inspired if everyone is just the same as everyone else? If every time someone else complains, judges, or is negative, we just silently bob our heads in unison? Or when someone’s opinion makes absolutely no logical sense, to stay mute?

I bring up these points primarily because this is how I have lived my life for far too long. Silently appearing to agree with every negative external force, screaming on the inside that something is terribly wrong here. How can there be so much anger?

I am starting to realize that lack of self-love is at the heart of the anger and hatred we are confronted with, from others and from ourselves. Lack of self-love leads to fear, which manifests many times as the anger and hatred that cause so many problems.

With Self-Love Comes Inner Peace

No, we cannot change other people, but we can certainly make progress towards becoming more like the people we want to be. For the past several years, my number one personal goal has been to find a place of inner peace. That’s all that I really want. Yes, I have plenty of goals and dreams, but, just like health, without inner peace everything else can’t be as great as it could be.

It isn’t something I can attain and then move on to the next goal. Being in a state of inner peace is a constant practice. Sometimes I don’t make the choice that brings me to my highest inner peace, but I am grateful to get another chance to get back to my happy place as quickly as possible.

True inner peace and self-love go hand in hand. We must first be kind to ourselves if we want others to treat us kindly.

Although having a valentine and flowers today are nice, this day can be about so much more than that, even if a valentine and flowers are in the cards this time around. Finding love starts with establishing a loving relationship with ourselves. Like inner peace, it is something that we all already have within us, we just have to tap into it.

What is one thing you love about yourself this Valentine’s Day? Please share your thoughts below! I will get us started: I love that I am no longer willing to accept that I am only limited to doing what I think other people want me to do. Namaste!

image credit: Love – by CelticBeauty

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