5 Things to Do While Waiting in Line at the Post Office

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Over the past several years I have come to realize that going to the post office is not my favorite thing to do in the world. The crazy long line and lack of air conditioning aren’t even the worst of it. Somehow, people just seem to be angry over there.

I cringe whenever I hear someone raise their voice or berate a postal worker (which usually happens at least once while I am there). I am not sure exactly what it is – perhaps the long line or lack of air conditioning are contributing factors to the anger? Or, maybe these people are just angry in general, waiting to lash out at whoever is there to take it?

As much as I feel for the people working at the post office when these unpleasant outbursts occur, I no longer feel the need to expose myself to the postal patrons’ anger. Never again will I enter the post office without my headphones. In case you find yourself having to go to the post office during the peak of business and frustration, here are a few ideas of things to do to pass the time and block out the negativity:

1. Catch up on You Tube Videos

When I was at the post office a few weeks ago, I remembered there was a Lea Michele You Tube video that I wanted to watch. I got through that one and about four others on my phone while standing in line. I loved it! These were videos I normally wouldn’t take the time to watch, so it felt like an indulgent reward to get that time in line at the post office rather than a painful experience.

2. Clear Out Email

I am willing to bet that you have too much email. We all do! Email is such a problem for so many people. I try to stick to my email processing times throughout the day, but a long line at the post office is just as good a time as any to get in some productivity bonus points (if the mood strikes, that is).

3. Read a Book

When reading books on the phone became a thing, I was ecstatic. Think of how much reading can get done in those 15 to 20 minute pockets of time that might otherwise get eaten up by long lines, such as those often found at the post office. You might not want the line to end if it is a particularly good scene!

4. Listen to a Book

Audio books are even more versatile than smart phone e-book access, because they leave the hands and eyes free for accomplishing other tasks. Post office-going is a perfect opportunity to get in reading while staying aware of how many people are ahead of you in line, all the while blissfully blocking out any negative grumblings from your co-line-waiters.

5. Explore Spotify

I love getting lost in Spotify explorations. It’s fun to think of artists and songs I have liked in the past and to be able to pull them up and listen to the songs on demand. It’s also fun to browse the other playlists out there by mood or genre, such as “favorite coffee house”, “rainy day”, or “snow day”.

So there you have it! Five great things to do rather than get angry at the nice people at the post office who are just trying to do their jobs. I bet they don’t love being there anymore than anyone else. Who knows, maybe some of that positive energy will neutralize someone else’s negativity or turn someone else’s day around. You never know!

What do you like to do while waiting in line at the post office? Please share your thoughts below. Namaste.

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