4 Free Apps That Will Motivate You to Be Healthier

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It’s exciting that there are so many ways for us to choose to be healthy, and probably just as many corresponding apps to track everything. Everyone has their own personal health and wellness goals. Having a plan is what makes those goals attainable.

My personal health and wellness plan rests on the foundation of daily yoga, meditation, and drinking lots of water. I continue to work at incorporating daily walking into my routine. Whether you have already developed your chosen healthy habits or are looking to step up your game, it’s probably a safe bet that a free app already exists to both motivate you and help track your progress.

Today I share my favorite health and wellness apps and a few more that might be interesting to try.

Nike+ Running App


I LOVED the Nike+ Running App (available on iOS and Android). While training to walk a half marathon last year with my mom, I really got into using this app almost daily.

This app is very user-friendly. I liked that it would automatically pause for stops and start up again when I started moving. One of my favorite things was the ability to post a photo to social media.

Sadly, the Nike+ App isn’t currently available for Windows phones, which I now have. I guess the good thing is that I have been forced to expand my horizons and find other apps out there!



Endomondo (iPhone, Android, Windows) has been the next best thing to the Nike+ app I have found to track walking. Endomondo also tracks pretty much any other activity measured by distance, including hiking and cycling. Like Nike+, Endomondo also has a social aspect which allows you to add friends.

The one issue I have had is remembering to go back to Endomondo if I need to switch apps such as text messaging or changing my music. The app seems to pause and then the rest of my walk isn’t tracked. This drawback can be worked around by switching back to the app, but something to keep in mind when using Endomondo.



I only recently discovered that the Fitbit app (iPhone, Android, Windows) is free while searching for new apps to try. I always would have thought you had to have an actual Fitbit, but you don’t!

I am currently loving the Fitbit app to track my daily water intake. Even though I have been in the good habit of drinking plenty of water most days for years, there are still days that I get to the end and wonder if I drank enough. Plus, there is a sense of satisfaction in watching the graph go up as I log ounces throughout the day!

While I haven’t used any of the other free features yet, the Fitbit app also allows users to track exercise, food and calorie intake, and weight.

Meditation Timer


I have been using a meditation timer app for several years now. When I first started getting into the habit of daily meditation, I didn’t use a timer, thinking it would detract from the experience. During meditation, my sense of time varies from day to day. Some days 20 minutes seems to fly by, while others five minutes feels more like 20.

The meditation timer app is perfect, because it allows me to get in 20 minutes of meditation no matter how much time I think has passed. This is by far my favorite and most used app for keeping myself healthy, because meditation sets the tone for making the best choices for myself that day.

I am currently using Meditation Timer Lite on my Windows Phone. When I had an iPhone, I used Meditation Timer Free.

Other Notable Health & Wellness Apps

While searching for health & wellness apps to check out, I came across a few unique concepts. UP Coffee tracks the impact of caffeine on your energy levels and sleep quality (although you need to buy a separate device for sleep tracking).

For zombie enthusiasts (I am not one, but I sure know a few!), I was surprised to find that there are apps that turn walking and running into a zombie game (The Walk and Zombies, Run!). Neither of these apps are free, but if zombies are the motivation that will help you achieve your goals, it might be worth it!

Finally, Pact is a fitness app that has the potential to double as a source of income. Users wager whether they will workout or go to the gym. Based on check-ins, the app verifies whether the activity was completed. Those who achieve or exceed their goals earn money, while those who slack off pay for it. An interesting concept that might be fun and lucrative!

It’s also encouraging to hear that certain insurance companies are now offering incentive programs that reward their clients for being healthy. There’s even a health insurance company in New York and New Jersey called Oscar that provides each member a Misfit wearable that can be synced up with an app to earn back rewards if they hit their personal goals each day.

There are so many apps geared towards fitness and wellness, it’s hard to keep up! I would love to know your favorite health and wellness app. Please share your thoughts!

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  1. Brittany Mar 19, 6:46 pm

    I never knew you didn’t have to have an actual fitbit to use the app. Great to know!!!!

    1. anniehurley Mar 19, 7:03 pm

      I hope you like it if you try it out 🙂


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