Meditation Mondays: A Guided Meditation To Help You Sleep

Sometimes sleep happens naturally, other times our minds don’t want to turn off. Whether we are worried or excited about the upcoming day or still worrying about the past, if our mind isn’t shutting down, it makes it hard to drift off to sleep.

I don’t always meditate before bed, but sometimes I need a reminder that it’s okay to let my mind turn off for the night. When I do, I turn to this bedtime meditation: continue…


Be a Leader

We are all leaders. This is a message I have probably been hearing my entire life, but haven’t taken to heart until recently.

In a recent Facebook live stream, Deepak Chopra provided us with this call to action:

“We can be leaders in our own lives. In our families, in our communities, in our country, in our world.”

I am SO glad we still have Deepak Chopra with us as a spiritual leader. We need his intelligence and wisdom now more than ever.

Dr. Chopra calls us to do what I’m sure many of us have already been feeling over the past few days: to be leaders in our own lives. continue…

The Day I Stopped Being Passive

I have never been “into” politics. It is not a sport to me. I never felt incredibly passionate about one party or the other. In fact, I silently resented the predominantly two party system of the U.S., feeling societal pressure to pick sides when I have always felt it is so much more complex than that. continue…