What Am I Meant For?

I watched the documentary on Tony Robbins called I Am Not Your Guru last night on Netflix. Wow. Watch it. That’s all I can say.

I didn’t really know much about Tony Robbins, except that he was this high energy motivational speaker. As much as I am obsessed with the self development genre, I haven’t ever read a Tony Robbins book.

Watching the documentary gives us a glimpse into what it is like to attend his intense conference for personal transformation. Just watching the documentary made me want to reflect on my life and what I am doing with it.

This morning I meditated and I imagined that Tony Robbins was talking to me. What would he say? If he picked me out of the audience and had an intervention on my life, what would he say? continue…


Five Quotes About Smiling

Almost a year ago, my husband, Michael, & I became the owners of an orthodontic practice in the West Valley of Phoenix. Our business is called Share More Smiles, so naturally we are interested in collecting quotes about smiling. continue…


A Renewed Perspective

“What’s my motivation?” – that Sprite commercial from the 90’s with the diva actor as basketball player. Remember?

We are enjoying a weekend getaway in beautiful, crisp northern Arizona in celebration of my husband’s birthday. We are loving the adorable cabin we get to stay in, and the cool evening air!

Something about birthdays (apparently not just my own) makes me feel the need to reflect on my life and where it is going.  continue…