One Thing I Never Leave Home Without

Stevia is my beverage sweetener of choice. It’s no longer a question for me.

But you might notice that practically everywhere you go there is likely some combination of a handful of options: white sugar, Sugar in the Raw, Sweet ‘N Low, Equal, Splenda, and rarely Truvia or another commercial form of stevia.

Restaurants, coffee shops, waiting rooms, hotel rooms, airplanes. They virtually all have the same thing in common: no stevia. At least not the pure unprocessed form that I have grown to love so much.

You might find a more health conscious restaurant or coffee shop here or there that offers a shaker with a white powdery version of stevia. While it’s awesome that they offer a better choice, unfortunately the large majority of places I have seen do not yet. continue…


Why Stevia Is My Beverage Sweetener of Choice

A long, long time ago, in a land far, far away, I primarily used sugar to sweeten beverages. We’re talking high school.

When I entered the more calorie-conscious phase of my life, I started to explore my artificial sweetener options. I never liked using Sweet ‘N Low (saccharin) due to the “rat cancer” claim back in the day (although it no longer carries that warning). Equal (aspartame) seemed to be safer, right?

I like to think of myself as a pretty reasonable person. I understand that now the FDA recognizes aspartame as a safe, non-carcinogenic sweetener. I personally never loved the taste, nor the idea that it’s artificial.

Enter Splenda (sucralose). When Splenda came out, I was so happy. No longer would I have to use sugar to make a drink taste sweet, nor worry about recognized potential health consequences.

I had my suspicions about Splenda, though. I knew it was an artificial sweetener like the others. At this point it’s hard to know who to believe about what is safe or not, but we will have no idea of the long term repercussions of Splenda until 20 or so years into the future. I didn’t really feel like waiting around to find out the answer. continue…


How Do You Know When a Dream Comes True?

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens. – Carl Jung

This past year has been filled with long-time dreams come true. We got married, traveled to Europe for the first time together, and now own two orthodontic practices (husband being the orthodontist). Still, I felt that my dreams had not yet “happened”.

This weekend my sweet husband took me back to the resort where we got married in Sedona and we enjoyed a very peaceful, serene, reflective weekend together (I will be posting pictures on our website this week for anyone who is interested). My plan was to spend time thinking about what I would need to do in the upcoming year to make my dreams into my reality. continue…