How Hard Is It to Feel Good?

Who doesn’t want to feel good? And why do so many of us go around choosing the alternative? This is a question I have been seriously asking myself lately.

I’m working more on watching what my thoughts are about and categorizing if they are geared towards things I want in my life or things I don’t want. More than the thoughts, I’m focusing on identifying the feelings the thoughts are creating.

Because it’s really about the feelings. The reason we want anything in life is because we believe we will feel better once that is our new reality.

So, if it’s all about how we will feel in the future, why not feel that way now? I often find myself caving in to the saying “easier said than done”. But is it? continue…


Release the Need to Judge and to Be Judged

I don’t know about you, but for as much time as I get to be alone, my mind is a revolving door of what I’m thinking other people might be thinking about me.

I work from home and absolutely love it. The being at home part. I probably need to get out more, but I’m truly happiest relaxing at home. Yet I find my mind going in circles throughout the day with thoughts of what other people think about me.

I partially blame Facebook. It reminds me of people who I might not have seen in years or who I might only be acquainted with and their thoughts about the world and other people. And then my mind starts to wonder: what do they think about me, then?

This sounds pretty selfish, now that I’m writing it out. Because clearly these people aren’t going around thinking about me all the time, if ever. But still, my ego insists on begging the question – just what do they think of me? continue…


What Causes Us to Be Overwhelmed?

I’m constantly obsessing about how I can get everything done so I can be on top of stuff and spend more time doing what I want to do, even if that’s getting the proper amount of sleep at night. At the beginning of December, I wrote a post about taking time off from blogging so I could focus on getting things done and relaunching my blog in the new year. Then I deleted it because it didn’t feel right, but still have felt kind of off track with my blog and everything else.

This morning I gave myself some much overdue time, which is where I write out my thoughts just for myself. It felt so good to allow myself the time to write for no specific reason other than to clear my mind.

I was writing about my longtime dream of getting my life together to the point that I get to spend my time doing what I want and was trying to figure out why I’m not further along with my goals. Then I thought about one of Julie Morgenstern’s books. continue…