Gratitude Tuesday: Good Things That Happened Last Week

Check back this coming Monday for the launch of a related series called “Everyday Miracle Monday Weekly Recap Series,” in which I recap my everyday miracles from the previous week.

Gabby Bernstein introduced me to the concept of an everyday miracle. According to Gabby’s work, largely based on the teachings from A Course in Miracles, a miracle can be simply a shift in perception. When you are in a bad mood and have an epiphany that it doesn’t have to be so hard, that could be your miracle that day.

Last year, I randomly found out Tara Stiles would be teaching a yoga class down the road from my house, and was able to attend and even meet her that day at her book signing! It was right around that time that I started noticing the little and sometimes big good things that happened in my life everyday.

We have access to experience a miracle everyday. It might be a little tiny shift in perspective, or the universe might come in and hit us with a lucky stick. The exciting thing is that we never know what this day will bring. Who knows? You might get to meet your favorite author later today! Or get a perfect parking spot at the store. Or an unexpected opportunity might sail right into your life at 3:06 p.m. It could happen!

Weekly Miracle Recap

I have had this idea of recapping my own everyday miracles on a weekly basis for a while now. My “Everyday Miracle” series will be a recap of one good thing from each day during the previous week that I identify as being my “miracle” for that day. Some days it will be something that I could never have dreamed of, others it will be something relatively small but still good.

While I haven’t kept a gratitude journal before, I feel that this aligns with the idea of keeping a gratitude journal in my own way. I also want to inspire other people to look for their own little or big miracle everyday. I believe that by expecting good things to happen each day, we are more likely to attract them into our lives.

This past week, I forgot to keep track of my everyday miracles until Thursday, when a big one happened for me. That’s when I realized I really have to start keeping track of these and do this blog post series. So here goes, my everyday miracles from this past Thursday to Sunday (next week will include the full week): continue…


Feel Good Through Breakfast

I recently started reading Co-creating at Its Best: A Conversation Between Master Teachers by Dr. Wayne Dyer and Esther Hicks. One of the points that has come up several times in this book is the importance of feeling good immediately when waking up in the morning, and then sustaining the good feeling for as long as possible through the day.

Feel Good Little by Little

One suggestion in the book is to work our way up to feeling good all day in increments of time. Focus on feeling good for the first minutes, then hour of the day. Work on feeling good through breakfast at first, then work on extending the feeling through lunch, and eventually through the entire day.

The idea of feeling good through breakfast at first makes the idea of converting from a person who feels good only part of the time to one who feels good the majority of the time seem much less overwhelming. There is a momentum of our thoughts and feelings. Good feelings make it easier to have more good feelings, while not-so-good thoughts and feelings tend to lead us down the path of more not-so-good thoughts and feelings. continue…


Book Nook Review: The Quantum Prayer

You might be asking yourself: what is a Quantum Prayer? I know I was when I first got this book. The following three sentences from the book perfectly define Quantum Prayer from the author’s perspective:

  • ”For the purpose of this book, the term ‘Quantum’ refers to the metaphysical theory that if something is in your consciousness, it can exist.”
  • “My own definition of ‘Prayer’ just refers to the consciousness of placing one’s intent into the light of all creation.”
  • “So if tasked to define Quantum Prayer, I would simply say that it is creating with our intentions through awareness of our infinite nature.”

The Quantum Prayer: An Inspiring Guide to Love, Healing, and Creating the Best Life Possible is about the author’s spiritual transformation. Dr. Kai shares what he has discovered on his journey from living an unawakened life to one full of infinite possibilities and healing.

“… when something doesn’t work out the way you may have hoped, it’s because the Universe is making room for something better (more in alignment with your Higher-Self).”

Unexpectedly abandoned by his wife, Dr. Kai made the inspiring decision to take one year to focus on himself and get very clear about what he wanted for his life. He hauled all the junk and clutter out of his life, and cleared his physical as well as spiritual spaces.

He cleared up his debts, made his home a place he truly enjoyed by clearing out and sprucing up his surroundings, and started to contemplate whether his current corporate career was truly spiritually aligned with the new person he was becoming (spoiler alert: it wasn’t). continue…