2015 Reading Challenge

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I haven’t signed up for reading challenges in the past, but I was recently inspired by another blogger to bite the bullet and go for it this year! I get so super excited when it comes time to choose a new book. I almost get more enjoyment out of browsing through the countless books available to read than the actual reading. The possibilities are endless! I am particularly stoked about the ridiculous amount of books available in eBook and audiobook format through the library. I used to love going to Barnes & Noble and browsing the shelves (and still do!), but now with so many digital titles available at my fingertipsĀ for free, I can have as much fun spending a whole evening in the comfort of my own home, plotting out my reading list for eternity.

My 2015 Reading Plan

I am aiming to read about one nonfiction (most likely self-help) and one fiction book per month in 2015, with a goal of reading 25 books (because it sounded better than 24). I participate in the Hay House Book Nook Blogger program, where I receive free new release self-help books in exchange for my honest reviews of the books. I haven’t participated as much as I would have liked in the past, so I hope to up my game in 2015! This is a perfect program for self-help book lovers if anyone is interested. I still entertain the idea of writing young adult fiction at some point, so I will probably plan to read a mix of young adult fiction and other types of fiction.


I am not currently a member of Audible, but have been in the past and would join to buy an audiobook if it weren’t available at the library. I love having the OverDrive app on my phone to listen to audiobooks for free through the library. I’m not sure about other library systems, but mine has over 11,000 audiobooks available for free…insane! I am wrapping up The One and Only by Emily Giffin via library audio, which was a new release in 2014. Definitely check your local library to see what you can get before buying a book, you might be surprised what they have to offer! I can’t say enough good things about audiobooks. Having the audio reading option is largely what is giving me the confidence to even take on a reading challenge this year. Twenty-five isn’t really a ton of books, but I figure if I end up reading fifty I will feel better about myself than if I said fifty and read twenty.


My Good Reads to-read queue is just about to hit the 100 mark, and I am sure I will read books that aren’t even on that list yet. Like I said, sometimes it is more about the joy of finding the next book than the actual reading (although the reading is fun too, of course!).


I recently started The Fault in Our Stars by John Greene and I am loving it already. As I browse through my current to-read queue, I am excited to read books by my some of my favorite authors this year, including:

  • Paulo Coehlo
  • Steve Martin
  • Rainbow Rowell
  • Meg Cabot
  • Sarah Dessen
  • Emily Giffin
  • Jennifer Weiner (if she has a new book)


On the self-help front, I am a major fan of Wayne Dyer, and as many of his books I have read I know there are plenty more out there waiting for me to read them. My next Hay House Book Nook review will be Loving Yourself to Great Health by Louise Hay, Ahlea Khadro, and Heather Dane. I hope to have the review posted within the month. What books or authors are you looking forward to reading in 2015? Happy reading!

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