Meditation Mondays: A Trick to Stay Focused During Meditation

I love silence. Give me silence, and I am a happy camper. I could totally go to some meditation retreat and not speak for a month. Like Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love.

When first starting a meditation practice, the silence might be uncomfortable or even overwhelming. Or, some days silence might just not feel right. Also, meditating while traveling can be challenging, particularly if there is unpleasant background noise where you are staying that is beyond your control.

The Beauty of Controlled Background Noise

I love the rain. Living in the desert, the rain is that much more welcome. Since the rain happens so rarely where I live, I have gotten accustomed to going to sleep with the sound of rain or a thunderstorm from an app on my phone. I love it.

I use the Ambiance app. There are plenty of other options for background noise if rain or thunder aren’t your cup of tea, including traditional static noises, an air conditioner, driving in the rain or snow, and even a “calm football crowd”. The app also provides sounds from specific locations all over the world, including a London street market, Barcelona City Walk, and LA traffic. You can go to the sounds of practically anywhere in the world with this app. It’s amazing!

The app will run all night long if you like (which I do). One morning it was just so nice to pretend there was a huge thunderstorm going on outside that I decided to let it play all through my yoga time, and then even into my meditation time. continue…


Believe in Someday

The other morning I woke up with the most wonderful thought: I am in control of the choices I am making that are shaping my life. I know I am not completely in control of what happens outside of myself, but I can certainly take control of my thoughts and choices.

It all starts with thoughts. After my sudden epiphany, I realized that within 30 minutes of being awake I had probably already had about 50 to 100 thoughts about things I don’t even want in my life. This was all during my yoga time, which I intend to be a time for focusing on only what I want.

We Can Choose our Thoughts

Thinking thoughts only of what we want is not the most natural state of mind for many of us. Controlling our thoughts is a constant practice that requires constant correction. It takes some extra effort, but I believe it is possible to carve a path dominated by good thoughts. continue…


Guest Bathroom Organization

I believe that the bathroom is a sanctuary. There, I said it. It is the place we go to get ready to go out and face the world and to restore ourselves after a long day. Why not make the surroundings pleasant?

I have wanted to organize the upstairs bathroom in my parents’ house every time I have visited. I searched for the right containers at Bed Bath & Beyond but couldn’t find the just-right sized containers I was looking for.

This bathroom is spacious and gets used primarily when there are guests staying in the upstairs, which consists of 3 bedrooms and a loft living area. Quite a few guests come to stay throughout the year, especially since they are located near Disney!

Organizing the Mess Under the Sink


I personally have issues with stuff just being thrown in the bathroom cabinet. It makes me crazy to have to sort through disposable razors and bottles of hair products to get to a bottle of lotion.

Most of the products in this bathroom have been left behind by guests for the next person to use, and some things are just there in case someone forgets something. There wasn’t a whole lot to organize, but I still wanted to get some containers to shape up the place. continue…


Book Nook Review: Assertiveness for Earth Angels by Doreen Virtue

“Your need for other people’s approval puts them in control of your happiness. No one deserves that power over you.”

Have you ever caught yourself using the word “sorry” excessively, talking too quickly so you don’t take up someone’s else’s precious time, or being a people-pleaser? When I first read the table of contents of Assertiveness for Earth Angels: How to Be Loving Instead of “Too Nice” by Doreen Virtue, I was tempted to skip ahead to a few of the chapters with my name on them. Not too far into the book I was wondering: how does Doreen Virtue know me so well? continue…