Simplifying Incoming Paper

“Find the elegance in the chaos, and simplify to the extent possible.” – Tim Ferriss

I was always a paper and pen diehard. I couldn’t imagine reading documents online, and wouldn’t dare dream of letting go of my paper to-do lists. I started to reconsider when I was introduced to Evernote. Evernote is like a digital filing cabinet – but better. You can save not only documents, but also notes, ideas, pictures – basically everything – in an organized and easily retrievable fashion.

I did resist going completely paperless at first. continue…


Turning Dread and Fear Into Opportunities

“Don’t be scared about next Tuesday, because Tuesday hasn’t happened yet.” – John Mayer

Sometimes I have to stop and remind myself that they are just people, like me. I am referring to the people that I know and especially those that I don’t that I tend to feel intimidated by.

I have spent many precious moments of my life in fear and dread. Major anxious anticipation of some type of activity requiring social interaction or calling upon me to present myself in some way to other people. Stage fright and social anxiety aside, the worst and most unnecessary part of the dread experience is the actual dread itself. What does it accomplish, other than a lot of unnecessary drama and likely damage at a cellular level? continue…


Organizing Recipes & Planning Meals

“One good decision can lead to another.” – Nutri-Grain commercial

One of my dreams for quite some time has been to have a completely organized system of recipes and meal plans. Several years ago, I made an attempt at a paper version of my own paper-based recipe organizing system, in which I typed up my recipes into a template and printed them out, punched them with my circa puncher from Levenger, and inserted them into a kind of circa notebook rollodex that I had also purchased from Levenger.

I finally had to admit that this system was not practical for me personally. Either I was not as passionate about creating a paper version of all the recipes I liked as I thought I would be or it was unmanageable – probably a little bit of both. continue…